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Who Are We?

Trevor- I was born here in the Forest city, i attended  Conestoga College while working for a roofing and general construction company, while working for that company i met Matthew , we got along great and loved each others work ethics, we decided  to take all of our knowledge and skills that we learnt from working and school and put them towards our own company.  
Matthew- I have been roofing for over 20 years, my father owed a roofing company when i was young, after school i would go to the job-site and help him, i quickly realized how much i enjoyed the trade, shortly after i became a full time roofer, worked with my dad for 10 years, moved to London , worked for some of the highest compnays here, then Trevor came along and made me realize why am i wasteing my time on big box companys that cut corners, when we could be providing quailty work at lower rates.

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